Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Services

Helena Wallentin-Lindström


Contact details: hwallentinlindstrom@lindforsco.com Tel. +358 9 23163656 Mobile +1 310 933 7962

Helena Wallentin-Lindstrom serves as a legal consultant to Lindfors & Co. and its clients. Helena’s work focuses on the legal aspects of doing business, especially dispute management, in and between the U.S. and Finland as well as the other Nordic countries. She functions as local counsel in California and across the United States. She facilitates Nordic companies’ business and legal interactions in the U.S. and serves as international liaison, improving communication across the continents, cultures and legal systems. Recently, Helena’s role in assisting a major Finnish client and its local U.S. counsel was crucial in obtaining a favorable court order in the U.S. Helena has in-depth knowledge of both the Finnish and the U.S. legal systems and business cultures. This knowledge, combined with her international experience, allowed her to efficiently identify and clearly explain all issues and options to the Finnish client. Helena’s advice and assistance resulted in significant cost-savings for the client and positioned it for success.

Helena was Specialist Counsel at Lindfors & Co. from April 2011 to December 2016. She represented clients from Asia, America and Europe in business matters, her main focus being international arbitrations before the ICC, the SCC, and other dispute resolution forums and methods.

Previously Helena worked at the largest law firm in Finland and, before that, as a litigator in the United States for 11 years. She has extensive experience trying cases in U.S. state and federal courts as well as representing clients in arbitration proceedings and mediations. Helena’s focus is business disputes and she has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the law in multiple areas, including: contracts, torts, products liability, class actions, officer & directors’ liability, mass torts such as tobacco and asbestos, currency transactions, real estate, and insurance. She is a member of the California State Bar and the District of Columbia Bar.

Helena received her law degree from the University of Stockholm in 1993. She was selected to participate in the EU Erasmus university exchange program and, after intensive studies at universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, she received a Master in Law & Economics. Honored with the Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship 1993/1994, Helena continued her international studies at the University of San Diego School of Law and Business School in San Diego, California. There, she received a LLM in Comparative Law and later a Certificate in International Business.

Helena has lived in various European countries, the U.S. and Indonesia, immersing herself in the local way of life, history, language and culture. She is fluent in Swedish and English, and speaks a few other languages, including Portuguese. She is a member of the Swedish Arbitration Association, the Portuguese Arbitration Association, and various U.S. legal organizations. Helena serves as an arbitrator with, e.g., the International Center for Dispute Resolution.

Clients from all over the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe have benefitted from Helena’s in-depth understanding of cross-border transactions, her handling of disputes involving parties from different countries, and her ability to explain a country’s social, legal, and business “culture” and the impact of that culture on how disputes are perceived, handled and resolved in different societies. With over a decade of hands-on legal experience in the U.S. and another decade of handling alternative dispute resolution in Europe, and thus possessing an in-depth understanding of common law and civil law as well as international disputes and cross-border transactions, Helena features a unique and remarkable knowledge base and business-focused strategic thinking that allows us to better serve our clients in the growing international legal arena.